University of Adelaide Law School Scholarship


The University of Adelaide Law School Scholarships are available to eligible Malaysian students who are studying the South Australian Matriculation (SAM) program in Malaysia and are seeking entry into a Bachelor of Laws degree in semester 1 of 2010. The Scholarship provides a one-off payment for living allowances.

MMU Chancellor Scholarship

MMU Chancellor Scholarship (Biasiswa Canselor MMU) 2009 was introduced by MMU due to economic crisis. The application are opens to all candidates who have paid for a form to pursue studies at MMU for this coming academic year.

Curtin Sarawak Scholarship

curtin universityA degree from Curtin is a mark of achievement of which you can be proud. It carries with it substantial prestige that makes the time and effort you invest more than worthwhile.

HELP University College Scholarship Awards 2009

help college universitySince its establishment in 1986, HELP University College has awarded many scholarships to encourage academically inclined Malaysian and international students who display leadership qualities to pursue tertiary education at the University College. Many of these recipients have completed their courses and have embarked successfully on their careers.